If Jeff Goldstein is a liberal, I’m Marie Antoinette.

Update, January 22, 2007: Now that this post is more than three months old, Jeff Goldstein is complaining that I didn’t notice the post was by a guest. However, the post had no byline; the clue that it was by someone else than Jeff was in tiny, tiny type at the end of the post. This is rather sloppy presentation on Goldstein’s part, I would say. And you’d think he has more important things to complain about.

We all miss these little details sometimes and people USUALLY correct each other’s innocent mistakes POLITELY. If he had asked me to correct the post POLITELY, I would have been happy to do so. However, since Goldstein’s behavior suggests he is l a horse’s ass, I think not.

11 thoughts on “Amusing

  1. Did you see the study on authoritarian personalities and politics (Kevin Drum wrote about it recently)? The most interesting conclusion was that people with only moderately authoritarian leanings become much more extremely authoritarian in situations of public fear. Goldstein could well be a Roger Simon type–a more-or-less liberal who went off the authoritarian deep end when 9/11 made him wet his pants. That, plus the reality that people tend not to perceive themselves as the ones changing their whole value systems, would explain this otherwise bizarre claim.

    On the other hand, so would pathological dishonesty. So…probably one or the other.

  2. “Let ‘em eat hoe-cake”?

    How about “let ’em eat lime jello mold with pineapple bits”?

    My Ma used to make the best fruit pies, and mine aren’t bad either, but that’s too good fer ’em.

  3. It makes my head hurt when I try to read how the rethugs spin what we liberals stand for. All I can do is say “the liar and his lies . . . “

  4. Wow!! To say anything in that post even remotely resembles reality would be, well……………..I can’t even come up with a word.

    I’m with swami, it reads like a parody. I can’t say that I know any liberal that fits his description, though he’s painting them all with his broad brush.

    And for the most part the comments to the post are just as hollow as the rest of it.

    I’m going to go and get some aspirin now. Reading that gave me a headache.

  5. Amazingly, you seem to have missed the fact that I didn’t write the post. It was penned by a guestblogger.

    I’m sure you’ll go out of your way to update things, though.

  6. Jeff G — Amazingly, you noticed this post more than three months after it was posted. Nobody is reading it any more.

    Also, if you want people to notice that guest posts are guest posts, please put BY [NAME OF POSTER] in boldface letters under the title of the post. In journalism speak, this is called a “byline.” If you aren’t going to byline the guest posts I’m not going to apologize for not noticing it’s a guest post.

  7. Maha, you dink,

    If you’d spent more than 2 seconds looking at the post in question your requested [name] feature is already on there and the post ends with “posted by by ahem @ 11:16 am.”

  8. fine scotch — I’m looking at it right now, and I see the name only in tiny tiny type at the end of the post. Whether the “update” line was there when I commented on it I cannot say.

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