5 thoughts on “More Crunching

  1. What does one expect from an administration that denys that we have to actually count votes to see who wins elections? Do ya think they are gonna let us know the extent of the death they have perpetrated on innocent Iraqi families, women, and children?

  2. Well, well. The “Cat’s out of the bag” and the “rats are cornered”.
    “Should get mighty interesting”….
    Time for George to make up some new words.

  3. Bush should be pressed hard to offer up a figure of the people killed as a result of his invasion if he claims the Lancet figure is exaggerated or inflated with prejudice. And if he won’t, it will only highlight his callous indifference to the suffering of the Iraqi people. How better said than Tommy Franks boast that..” we don’t do body counts”.. It’s not like they’re human, huh?

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