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  1. I am in absolute awe of Keith. No one I can think of has called Bush and his minions to task with such eloquence and precision. I find myself looking forward to his commentaries the way the “geeks” looked forward to the next Star Wars episode or the way todays kids look forward to the next Harry Potter tome. He is truly the reincarnation of Edward R.
    It’s just so unfortunate that the wingnuts of this country will ignore or dismiss any and all Keith has to offer. Actually, I think Mr. Olberman speaks a language they can’t even comprehend.

  2. My 84 year old Mom called tonight to tell me to try to find Keith Olbermann’s words on the internet [she knows I have no tv].

    So the Bush screechers hijack attention with a dizzying two wheel careen around a corner, hoping to leave behind the issue of Republican incompetency……then here comes Olbermann, singlehandedly stopping that momentum with the ballast of reality.

    Thanks, Mom, for the call. Thanks, Olbermann, for your immense service to my Mom and the millions more of us who hate that careening, lying abuse of our sensibilities.

  3. The republicans are having a lovefest with their new bukake doll called John Kerry. He deserves every ounce of affection they are lavishing upon him. Enough is enough,huh,John.?…I don’t think so, sweetheart..they’ll tell you when you’ve had enough.

  4. We need more of this – genuine outrage, to counter all the phony crap we are having to endure.

  5. Oh, man. I thought I had reached the highpoint of his comments with the “This President must apologize to the troops” litany. And it was pretty high– and exactly what we’re not hearing on NPR this morning, BTW.

    But then I got to the end of Olberman’s comments, with the extended comparison of El Presidente to the antebellum, pro-slavery Congressman Brooks, as well the line “And . . . we have institutionalized the terrorizing of the opposition. True domestic terror.” It may have lost a bit of rhetorical force for the Rush Limbaugh crowd, but I do not think I have yet heard such a forceful denunciation of The Regime. (And he didn’t even use the word “fascist”.)

  6. “One bonus of the Kerry flap is that we probably won’t have to deal with him in 2008.”

    That was the point of the Kerry flap dear. St John was the first to condemn and demand apology. McCain=good vet, Kerry= bad vet
    It was just a preview- if Kerry tries to run he will be cast as the wimpy apologizing Dem- he is not allowed to be the indignant Dem demanding Republicon apologies. If he is not proprerly apologetic he is ‘angry’ Dem.
    The roles of this kabuki are clearly cast

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