5 thoughts on “Awwwww

  1. Welcome to the world Samuel!And congrats to Mom and Dad!It won’t be long now before Samuel starts his own blog..hee hee.

    The coolest thing about looking at babies is trying to imagine who they will become.Babies give me hope.Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better world and a brighter future….plus I just dig watching grown ups soften when they see a new baby.. we go from being hard and stern to mushy baby talking idiots.

    My hope for Samuel and for all children is that they grow up in a world that tries as harder to achieve peace rather than making war.May Samuel’s generation do better than ours has.

    Best wishes to the new “Family”!

  2. justme — you got spam filtered again! I just found your comment in the filter. Are you misbehaving on other peoples’ sites? 🙂

    I thought Samuel remarkably handsome for a neonate. I would have guessed he was three to five days old already.

  3. No maam, I have been a good girl for a long time(it’s no fun either)…thanks for un-spamming me…sorry to be a problem.

    I LOVED the sitting photo of Samuel…it made him look like a tiny little grown up, but I agree he did look older then just a few hours and yes he is a very handsome little guy!

  4. Welcome to the world, Samuel. Sorry it’s such a mess … we’re working on it. Hopefully we’ll get it cleaned up nice by the time you’re all grown up. Not for you to worry about, though. Enjoy your childhood … play games, run around, marvel at beauty, sing, laugh … and wear sunscreen.

  5. What a wise looking little fellow you are, Samuel. You are a blessing to your proud folks, and already known to a wider world, thanks to your Dad posting these pictures and telling us about you.

    I loved the picture of Josh holding his son. And best wishes to Millet after her finishing up with some surgery.

    Babies do soften us, justme!

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