Norah O’Donnell, guest-hosting Hardball, is outraged that the Democrats haven’t done anything to get us out of Iraq yet.

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  1. Well, this is likely to be a continuing problem. My suggestion is to point out that the President is constitutionally charged with the direct command of the military (while Congress, although having ultimate “war power”, is not in such direct command), and as such, the President can extricate troops from Iraq when and if he feels like it… far be it for Congress to micromanage that aspect of the presidency (even if John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales and George W. Bush believe that the “commander in chief” power is much broader than it is… i.e., absolute unconstrained dictator.)

    We also have to be clear that the President has the intelligence and the advisors; we are sitting on the outside (as usual). Also, the American people have not reached a consensus as to how they would like us extricated from Iraq… though a solid majority of Americans (and an overwhelming consensus of Iraqis) want us the hell out by last Thursday.

    The good news is that the 9-11 9-11 9-11 bulls*** no longer plays beyond the hardened base; Bush can no longer effectively change the subject with the 9-11 Mojo…

    We do have to realize that, by and large, the media is the enemy of the truth, rather than the facilitator of it, and articulate simple, consistent messages, like those above (look Norah, when the Constitution gives Nancy Pelosi the power to make troop movements, she’ll make them… ok? Until then, this is the President’s baby… and ONLY the President’s… (Echo… echo…)

    That sort of thing..

  2. Norah is pissed, eh?
    Perhaps she doesn’t realize the Dems can’t do crap until January?
    One would think Matthews would have clued her in before handing her the joystick.
    She usually doers a decent job of guest hosting Hardball. (and the girl has some killer eyes.)

  3. Question is-Does she write her own stuff or does someone else?
    Gotta be someone else because she appears to be so dumb she has to read it. Noted how quickly the Bush lackey picked up on that to. All Gene Robinson could do is just laugh at them. Me too.

  4. The war belongs to Dick and George, No Dems are in power of anything yet. The president gets to do foreign policy and CIC tasks. The legislature just gets to decide how much $ he gets to do it with. So how is it the Dems job to get George out of the mess? Things are happening very fast now any way. Sadr is telling Maliki what to do and what not to do. The only reason it is not worse is that thankfully we haven’t stood enough Iraqis up yet with armour. Syria and Iran do not control Iran and the Iraq study group designed to save junior’s ass is already too passe to do anything. The tiger is out of the cage. (Perhaps they shouldn’t be so quick to hang Saddam)

  5. Talking Dog has it right. The response in Congress HAS to be a question: “Has the president ceded his authority as Commander-in-Chief? because I did not get the memo”. Second point, the Dems must NOT cut off funds to the troops. Third, If they can, they should RETRACT the authorization they gave the president to conduct the war on the basis that:

    Since we know now, what we did not know 4 years ago, the military action in Iraq is a mistake we want either 1) a strategy to stabilize the country with a reasonable chance of success OR 2) make a demand to extract the troops as fast as can be accomplished safely. The demand might or might not be binding but it ends debate about why we have not ‘done’ anything.

  6. Gawd! I saw that. She and that total tool Ron Christie. I guess he forgot he wasn’t on Fox where spouting the ridiculous and nonsensical is always the order of the day (hour and minute).

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