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Gotta go back to the courthouse for jury duty today. Meanwhile —

The Talking Dog interviews Trevor Paglen, the co-author (with A.C. Thompson) of Torture Taxi: On the Trail of the CIA Rendition Flights, the first book to systematically investigate the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program. You might also enjoy the Dog’s earlier interview of Michael Bérubé.

Via Avedon

Lambert has a whole bunch of theocracy outrages:

* In video, military Christianists use uniform to proselytize, admit putting loyalty to country third on the list;
* Military Christianists pull rank to force their beliefs on subordinates;
* In video, Pentagon Christianists say they’d rather study the Bible than do their jobs;
* General in Pentagon Christianist video also abused rank to solicit campaign contributions for Republicans.

You know, this stuff is entirely unconstitutional, but it’s getting to be a habit. But, seriously, these people are a threat to our democracy and should get kicked out pretty damned quick.

See Juan Cole‘s testimony at the Kucinich-Paul Congressional Hearing on Civilian Casualties in Iraq.

Glenn Greenwald expounds on the Washington Post’s affection for Augusto Pinochet.

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