Oh, No …

Really bad news, maybe — if Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) is unable to serve, a Republican may be appointed to serve his term. And since the Veep is a Republican, this would give the Senate back to the GOP. Read about it here.

Dan Froomkin catches us up on other stuff.

A spokesperson for Senator Johnson says the Senator did not have a stroke or heart attack.

5 thoughts on “Oh, No …

  1. Republicans shouldn’t be too quick to count their possible new majority (including Cheney’s tie-breaker): Jane Brody had an excellent column this week on strokes — including a good mnemonic for symptoms — pointing out that with strokes, time is of the essence. Sen. Johnson seems to have been rushed to the hospital very quickly.

  2. It takes a lot more than one scary medical episode to kill a Democratic senator. I’m optimistic that Sen. Johnson will recover. It does illustrate the delicacy of the filament upholding our “majority” in the Senate, however.

  3. Worst case scenario & he is forced to leave the Senate – no sooner than 80 days, and no later than 90 days afterwards South Dakota law requires a special election to be held to replace Sen. Johnson. Worst case scenario, let’s pray this isn’t the case.

  4. I am guessing a blood clot….. or bulging aneurism, located in a body area that called for surgery rather than a different treatment.
    Senator Johnson, our prayers are with you.

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