Don’t Mind Me

I’m experimenting to see if I can publish podcasts without technical assistance. WordPress support tells me to publish a post with a link to the podcast file and it will automatically be picked up by the RSS feed. So I’m going to see if I can make this work. The podcast is me free-associating about Gerald Ford. I may have to experiment for a while to get the URL right.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Mind Me

  1. I wish you luck; but, I don’t use my computer for podcasts or any thing with sound ever since the speakers when crashing to the floor with one of my cats during a wild spree. That was the third crash and the third time was a charm, I guess.

  2. Maha-

    I read your blog primarily using Google Reader and often click-through on the more interesting pieces and to read comments.

    Well, your little recording showed up with the embedded player thingy and played just fine in Google Reader and even gave a link to the original mp3 file if I wished to download it. So, at least in my reader it worked great.

  3. It worked like a charm…when I clicked the link, my Windows Media Player just ran with it. way cool

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