7 thoughts on “Holy Hypocrisy!

  1. Maybe someone should do a parade of a few thousand flag-draped coffins on wheels in front of the White House to commemorate the big day.

  2. My pick of those cartoons was the one with Bush saying, “I can’t afford to lose a leg….acy” while, in the background, stands a soldier with an amputated leg.

  3. Grandma always said..”.If you’re going to be a hypocrite, be a big one”. It’s all so crazy, Ted Haggard is busy verbally battering homosexuals, and condemning them to perdition while he’s indulging his own appetite for buggery. Mark Foley is championing legislation to protect America’s youth from sexual predators while he’s up to his ears in pedophilia…Now Bush,with his hands covered in blood from over a half million innocent Iraqis is singing the praises of the sanctity of life? Go figure. Actually it’s beyond hypocrisy….it’s obscenity!

  4. I posted this same thought somewhere else:

    Doesn’t it seem . . . incongruous . . . that whenever Bush wants to do something in the foreign policy arena, he demands he be allowed to have “all options on the table” — including war, which takes lives —

    — but whenever medical science asks for the privilege of having “all options on the table,” including ones that hold out the possibility of saving lives, Bush says “no.”

    And he says Sunday is “sanctity of human life day.”

    I’m sure there is a better word than “incongruous.” Give me a moment and I’ll think of one.

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