2 thoughts on “Ohio

  1. I was part of the recount in Cuyahoga County in December, 2004. In fact I was supposed to testify at this trial but did not, due to health reasons. I knew from the start that the precincts had not been randomly selected, a stipulation mandated by law. We sat down at the tables and were greeted by a stack of obviously preselected and precounted ballots. There was not a hanging chad to be found. Next to the stack of ballots was a tally sheet stating how many ballots we would find for Kerry, Bush, under and over votes. When we finished recounting their recount the two staff representatives and the Bush representative rejoiced. It was a sham. However, I am disappointed that the “buck” stops with the employees and not the Director, Michael Vu and the head of the Board of Elections, Robert Bennett. Interestingly enough, Bennett is the head of the Republican Party in Ohio. If two of their employees are going to prison then why aren’t they???

  2. Louisa Scott’s comment above was more informative than the news story, although I did get a sense that bucks were being passed and scapegoats convicted. Scapegoats named “Maiden” and “Dreamer,” no less. I also learned that, to this day, nobody dares mess with someone named “Rosie Grier.”

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