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  1. It would have to be a dream. I can’t imagine a scenario in which you’d get 17 Republican Senators to vote to remove both Cheney and Bush without having a placeholder a la Gerald Ford already selected. Besides, do we really want Steny Hoyer as Speaker of the House?

  2. What a relief President Pelosi would be! I can imagine a scenario in which you’d get 17 Republican Senators to vote to remove one and then the other. It goes like this…Shooter and Junior are shown publicly to be liars and war mongers though the Scooter trial and Congressional investigations. The public becomes aware of their deceit and demands removal. The Republican Senators are obligated to enforce the constitution and Shooter and Junior are removed. I can also imagine a scenario where the New Mexico legislature presses the fast forward button and an impeachment resolution is submitted Tout de suite.

    IMHO, it is difficult to imagine a scenario where Republican Senators are confronted with high crimes and they dare to not convict! The dynamics change substantially once the public understands the nature and extent of the betrayal and Congressional leaders from both parties begin speaking out.

    They can’t impeach a president one year for a solitary lie during a deposition in a civil case about an adulterous affair having nothing to do with the civil case or the Nation’s business and then the next year completely ignore numerous and frequent deceits that result in thousands of Americans killed in the Twin Towers and many thousands more Americans killed in an Iraqi civil war that they started with their deceitful warmongering. The tragedies multiply to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths. Come on, come on, come on.

  3. Incertus, the scenario would be that enough honest and honorable people in congress are finally fed up with this admin’s assaults on the constitution and wreckless prosecution of an unjust war.

    On the other hand, maybe “enough honest and honorable people in congress” is the dream part 😉

  4. Another scenario: force Biggus Dickus to resign. Just start holding inquiries on Halliburton corruption in Iraq and how it has looted billions from the US treasury, or how Cheney paid the dictator of Nigeria a $190 million dollar bribe while he was CEO, or how he let Ken Lay write the federal energy policy behind closed doors – there’s a ton of dirt waiting to be dug up on him. So he resigns, and Monkeynuts nominates a successor – so what? The Dems can withhold or simply delay approval of the nomination, and keep the office of VP vacant while holding impeachment proceedings against Monkeynuts. Mission Accomplished!

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