2 thoughts on “Senate Passes Minimum Wage Hike

  1. Woo-hoo! I’m assuming it includes some kind of tax break if it got that kind of vote…still, that stuff can be stripped out in conference, right?

  2. Now, how about a “Maximum Wage Act?”
    It’s called a TAX on the rich and powerful. No loopholes! We’ll call it the “Fairness Act.”
    It can help the needy.
    Help the helpless.
    Help the country.
    Help to fix the potholes that the “drivers” of this country have created.
    It needs to happen – PRONTO!

    But the craven coward’s in Congress lack the will.
    Their morals and scuples too busy triangulating for the next election.
    Congress, either you do something, or in the next election the word’s that will form your triangle will consist of three word’s:
    Vote! Them! Out!

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