Mostly Bad News

Bad news first — Melissa McEwan has resigned from the Edwards campaign also. Lane Hudson reports that Melissa and Amanda have received death threats.

At Salon, Frances Kissling, head of Catholics for a Free Choice, talks about Bill Donohue:

Well, the unfortunate thing is the resignation. That’s the most unfortunate aspect because it only emboldens him. Because Donohue won. And that makes me furious.

It’s also like Mara Vanderslice; she worked for the Kerry campaign as his religious outreach person and Donohue discovered that she had once been in a demonstration with [AIDS activist group] Act Up, and he then went after her, with exactly the same kind of language: “I’m going to get her fired,” etc. She didn’t lose her job and didn’t get fired, but she was totally isolated within the campaign; she couldn’t make public statements or be used well anymore. And he writes about how “I got her.”

There is something about this man and his attacks on women that is frightening. There was a while when I refused to go on air with him [for television appearances] because — you know I am a very strong person — but I felt physically threatened by this man. He never physically threatened me, but I felt like I was in the presence of an abuser. So for a long time I just refused because it was too degrading to be in his presence. I got over it eventually and have done a few things with him since. I understand that he is so offensive that he does himself damage; as long as I can maintain my equilibrium with him attacking me in the most vicious ways possible — that only does me credit and makes him look like the abuser that he is. But the glee with which he went after Vanderslice and the glee with which he has gone after these women marks him as an abuser.

From his Wikipedia biography, I take it Donohue never married. That’s a good thing. Bill Donohue is one sick puppy.

The Edwards campaign is definitely taking a hit over this. However, there are many months of the campaign to go, and Edwards has lots of time to rehabilitate himself. However, I hope the various Democratic presidential hopefuls hold off on hiring any more campaign bloggers for a little while. The righties have tasted blood, and if a blogger hire is announced in the next few days that blogger will be ripped to shreds. It doesn’t matter how inoffensive his or her archives might be.

(Note to Wes Clark: When you are ready to hire a blogger, I’m still available.)

So what’s the good news? Bryan at Hot Air writes that “there will be fewer potty mouthed bigots among the blogs.” Does that mean Michelle Malkin will hang up her keyboard? She may not use cuss words, but she’s unsurpassable in the bigot department.

8 thoughts on “Mostly Bad News

  1. Oh my. Bill has never married at his age? Is he so nasty that no woman would have him or does he have other issues he hasn’t dealt with? People who throw stones always think their own glass houses are unbreakable.

  2. does he have other issues he hasn’t dealt with?

    I’d bet money on that one. If Donohue isn’t scared to death of sex I’ll eat my laptop.

  3. Please read about the “onion dip” atrocity. It appears a Lipton ad in 2001 featured a person holding a bowl of onion dip while waiting in line to take communion–the implication being that this person planned to dip the Eucharist in the onion dip.

    Ole Bill D didn’t like that.

    Included in the blog above are some more Andy Driggerisms links @ Jesus General and more detail on that IRS 3949 form.

  4. Also from HuffPost

    Right-Wing Attack Puts Bloggers’ Lives in Danger

    “Bill Donohue must immediately rescind his hateful comments against these two young women and call on the hate-mongers, which he is responsible for inciting, to cease their threats against Amanda, Melissa, and their families. Call him at 212-371-3191 and demand this.”

    Block your # if you know how. All circuits have been busy for about an hour.

  5. Oh yeah, laughing, someone recently said about the most rabid gaybashers is that they spend a hell of a lot more time & energy thinking about 2 people of the same sex getting together than gay people do. That probably applies to heterosexuals too. The anti-sex crowd can’t accept that we are all born with that pesky sex drive.

  6. Per a February 2, 2007 article in Women’s Wear Daily, Donohue divorced around 10 years ago, he hasn’t been involved in a relationship since, and he thinks his critics are waiting to pounce on him if he does have sex outside of marriage.

  7. You mean he’s been wrestling with the champ for the past 10 years? No wonder why he’s so bitter and hostile. Shake the hand that shook Abraham?

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