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  1. Yet there is no end of Americans who insist they “support” US troops in Iraq but want the war those troops are fighting to end in defeat.

    All this nonsense about how people who oppose the war in Iraq want “defeat”! Is this a smear, or do these people actually believe what they are saying? We want our soldier’s safely home! The war is a mistake—there is nothing to win and it’s a big mess of factions killing each other.

    The Right (sic) is sending our sons and daughters to senseless deaths…AND they claim to be patriots, and slander US as friends of the enemy. That is beyond shameful. But the question is: stupid or malicious?

  2. Supporting the troops has never been the right’s intent and it is becoming clear to the mainstream. I got linked to from Pajamas Media and I didn’t get one comment on my supporting the troops posts. I think the little people are starting to catch on that they have been following the wrong leader and realize that they and the troops are being led of a very steep cliff.

    And no. Geraldo doesn’t need to investigate.

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