12 thoughts on “But What About Condi?

  1. So, then, Tora Bora was about his self-loathing of his repressed homosexual desire?

    I guess it’s no stranger than any explanation we’ve gotten from the White House.

  2. Just in case you think there isn’t a pattern: Bush reportedly also said, at the start of the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001, “I’m not going to fire a $10 billion missile into a $10 tent and hit some camel in the ass!”

    Wow, does he have an inflated sense of his own potency. Also latent bestiality, it would seem.

  3. Took me a second to get that; I thought for a moment you were suggesting a closer relationship between Condi and Bush than we knew about.

  4. Comment on Guardian link. Writer mentions Ms. Rice’s serenity under pressure. But listen to her speaking voice. She sounds as if she is quaking in her boots, afraid of being contradicted. Maybe she just needs voice lessons, but this has always bothered me.

  5. Some say that Condi’s appetite is other than a wholesome Christian desire. But the proof of that assertion still remains obscured. I guess we should adopt a Christian perspective and…Judge not least we be judged, Huh?

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