1 thought on “No War in Iran

  1. Ouch, ouch, OUCH. Damn it all anyway. As I watched the video, all I could SEE was the title name of the website [which I am loathe to repeat even once] on the bottom of the screen.

    First rule of communication, especially when communicating to immature minds, is to speak FOR what is wanted rather than embed the undesirable into an AGAINST statement.

    Say to a school child, ‘Don’t spill your milk’ and the image of ‘spill milk’ is served up for the imagination. The admonished child’s subconscious will receive an image …..and then, only if sophisticated and mature enough, will have to somehow independently REVERSE that newly embedded image to find the correct action. It is so much better all around for the adult to take the responsibility to form and project a desirable action image, like…’when you put your milk glass down, remember to set it over here away from your silverware and the table edge.’ The image embedded then really helps the child to know what to do.

    So, yeah, it takes a bit of work to find a good image of what ‘to do’. In the case of this new website, aaargh, two thirds of their very name forcefully embeds an action image of something we.. do… not… want… planted/imaged….in immature folks’ psyches. So how about using a website name like, ‘DiplomacyFirstWithIran.com’…….or whatever Clark and Soltz are wishing to see happen?

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