Compromise Bill Update

The House just passed the Iraq “emergency” supplement appropriations bill. The Senate votes tomorrow, I believe.


Speaker Pelosi: Iraq Accountability Act Conference Report

Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“This is the seventh emergency appropriations bill the Congress has had to pass to make up for the President’s failure. Seven emergencies. What is the surprise? Why aren’t they understanding the cost of this war in lives, in health? In reputation, in dollars, and the readiness of our military?”

Update: Here’s the roll call. Dems voting no were Barrow, Boren, Davis (Lincoln), Kucinich, Lee, Lewis (John), McNulty, Michaud, Marshall, Matheson, Taylor, Woolsey, and Waters. Republicans voting yes were Jones and Gilchrest.

2 thoughts on “Compromise Bill Update

  1. ” well over a trillion dollars if it ended today”

    I’m glad Pelosi spoke it out.. I think it should be a talking point for everyone who wants to reinforce the magnitude of Bush’s colossal failure. It’s a mind blowing amount to even try to consider…is 1000 billion a trillion? Boy, neocon fantasies don’t come cheap these days!

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