3 thoughts on “Rippin’ Rudy

  1. Pimpin mah blog!

    It seems that Giuliani’s belief that Republicans are better fighting terrorism stems not from any empirical basis, or even any imaginary empirical basis, but really because he’s totally bought into the thought structure of “Republicans hard power, Democrats soft power” and he believes in the “strict father” government keeping the masses safe through strength.

  2. Good for Gary Hart. What I cannot fathom about a Guliani candidancy is the wrongness of ‘the other woman’ [Judy, the one who allowed herself to be publically paraded around while Guiliani left his wife at home] ever becoming America’s ‘First Lady.’ I am not against divorce, but I am appalled at the callousness of the mean way Rudy and Judy handled their affair.

  3. Rudy has the sexual restraint of a young male baboon. He’s an adulterer who not only won’t inherit the Kingdom of Heaven,but won’t inherit the White House.. He’s wasting his time and other peoples money in making a bid for the presidency. His star is in descent whether he knows it or not.

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