9 thoughts on “Acceptable Level of Violence

  1. I am waiting for the day when he spews that insane bullshit just once too often, and a journalist about to retire just stops him and says on camera, “Mister President, I’m sorry, but you are the biggest fucking moron I’ve ever met, and everything about you disgusts me.”

    (Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.)

  2. I have been, in turns, frightened, irritated and amused with the variety of attacks this administration and its spin doctors have visited upon common sense, but never before have I been as furious as I am now.

  3. Bush is a sick man… Maybe he should give Laura a good old ass kicking, or have one of his daughters get raped so that he can understand more thoroughly about the “acceptability” of violence. His morality is dissipating in proportions equivalent to his justifications for his failure in Iraq.
    What’s worse is that Bush somehow is impressed with his own intellectual assement on violence.. like it’s a profound realization he’s uncovered,but needs to be deferred to greater minds..when a properly functioning mind would know..don’t even go there with the word —acceptable.

  4. It’s all about reducing our level of expectations. He does not expect to deliver success by any rational measure, so he will try to change what a rational person will accept. He’s missed the point; rational people spoke their minds in the last election and support is falling away on all fronts. Yet he continues to dig a deeper bunker.

  5. “More Son of Stay the Course
    Just when you think the right’s rhetoric on the Iraq war can’t possibly become more insane, they turn around and prove you wrong.

    Prior to his Tuesday evening veto of the emergency war-spending bill, Mr. Bush attended a conference at Central Command (CENTCOM) Headquarters in Tampa, Florida. He said a number of incredulous things, but none of them topped this: “CENTCOM has built an impressive record of achievement in a short amount of time.”

    Impressive record of achievement? Land o’ Goshen! Over the past five years, CENTCOM has been the first regional unified command in U.S. history to “not win” two wars, and to make its record even more ignominious, it has failed to achieve its objectives despite being supported by the “best trained, best equipped” military in the history of humanity.”

    You can find more at http://zenhuber.blogspot.com/

    It’s really good.

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  7. The man is a two term president of the You knighted states of ‘merica. ye reap what ye sow………

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