The Short Leash

The “short leash” bill just passed in the House. Details to come.

Update: The vote was 221-205, which means the Dems picked up three votes from the last Iraq supplemental bill.

Here’s Jack Murtha’s closing speech:

6 thoughts on “The Short Leash

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!

    I was reading in the MSM that Bush was floating an offer to include benchmarks in legislation for funding Iraq. Nancy & Harry were quick to caution Bush (and the voters) that benchmarks without penalties was a blank check (and will not happen).

    I can’t see how this will play out. Bush is the one whoo needs the funds; it’s not to his benefit to drag this out unless he can paint the Democrats as the villains. The Democrats will hopefully keep floating bills with restrictions and ask “Why won’t Bush sign?”.

    The strategy on both sides is Maha’s ‘bigger asshole’ theory in action. Bush wants to prolong a war that Dems want to end. The battle is for public opinion and, much as I dislike it, the objective is to paint the opposition as the bigger asshole. The “lesser asshole” will have his way – eventually.

  2. This one should be pasted into the online dictionary as the definition of bloviation.

  3. Marriage relationships once formed are self sustaining. 15 months of separation only makes the bond grow stronger. Whatever needs arise can always be satisfied with an occasional letter.

    Love, Jody

    Maybe Cheney would welcome a 15 month relief from the darling that he’s hooked up with, but the strain of separation exacts a tremedous toll on even the healthiest marriage realtionships.

  4. Maybe Cheney would welcome a 15 month relief from the darling that he’s hooked up with..

    Nah, Cheney needs that boob to distract the public from himself. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…

  5. I watched Murtha in the clip, and felt great relief that there’s still those who have a command of facts rather than slick slogans. I am impressed with John Murtha and his concerns for the people in the military.

    Then I read the comments and that ugly dismissive judgment of Murtha by naba-etc. Naba-etc, you are a cockroach, to say the least.

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