1 thought on “Katrina Health Care

  1. It all goes back to that Voltaire quote about absurdities allowing atrocities.We have been fed a butt load of crap regarding socialism over the years.I don’t know how to describe what we have now.
    We have a govt that seems enamoured with punishment and war.
    Oh, we do have a state lottery where they throw some lucky inmate a bone, but then they tax the winnings. Imagine telling your kid you’ll give him or she (sic) a prize for getting good grades, then you deduct 20% as a tax.You know, I’m laughing as I write this.
    Our leaders are either totally stupid, out of touch with reality, or so crooked they just don’t care.If things go in the same direction for another 10 years, I shudder to think……
    perhaps like in The blade runner.

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