3 thoughts on “Raw Honesty

  1. His closing paragraph is a little puzzling. I can’t know, or even hope to understand his pain as a father who’s lost a son in Bush’s war, but I do know that he answered our nation’s highest calling as a patriot and citizen in speaking out against the war in Iraq. I understand the sense of futility that words alone can offer to come against evil, but that’s all we have to use in the spiritual dimension.

    I know from my own experience in putting ghosts to rest by visiting the traveling Vietnam Wall memorial I was numbed to comprehension as to how and why so many young lives could be sacrificed for nothing. The only answer I could draw was that the American people were derelict in their duty as citizens and true patriots to speak out against it. And for that knowledge it becomes my duty as a patriot to speak out against Bush’s lies and deceits in the senseless war in Iraq, no matter how much the feeling of futility bears upon me.

  2. Andrew J. Bacevich has a rare command of wisdom. I would guess he is a teacher whose commitment to truth-telling stands tall and unbroken not ever in the context of the political craziness he describes, but even in the face of personal tragedy.

  3. POP QUIZ..watchwords of liberty

    Who was it in American history who said?… Never give up the ship! ( so let’s don’t)
    Every word posted in opposition to Bush’s lies is a building block toward the restoration of America and the ideals our nation was founded upon.


    Bush lied and decieved our nation into the war in Iraq.

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