5 thoughts on “Steve Gilliard

  1. Steve and I were born the same year. He was too damn young.
    I offer to his family , both the biological one, and the larger blog family my deepest sympathy’s.Knowing we are one voice shorter tonight and forever is a sad reality.

    As one who likes to sit back and observe life, I think that every person who crosses paths with me has something to teach me..and if I am smart I will shut up and listen ….Whenever I read Steves work it was so overwhelmingly rich with lessons IT shut me up.With one sentence he could make me think in a million different directions….to me that is a great writer…My thanks to Steve for using his time to reach me in a way that made me discover more about the world and more about myself. Agreeing or disagreeing was not the starting point when reading Steves work, the true magic of it came from his ability to provoke thought.May the light he created shine forever.

  2. This is one of those times the distributed nature of the blogoshpere sucks.

    I can’t make the wake. Most of us have to bear it, pretty much, on our own.

    And that makes it harder.

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