4 thoughts on “More Pre-Invasion Screwups

  1. Geiger’s post makes me so sad. I don’t know why … it’s not like I didn’t assume it was true.Maybe I felt better believing that it could be just they were too stupid to see the obvious, even if it was clear to this Average Joe walking around the streets of Seattle. Somehow, it’s just all the more worse to know that they were told what would happen and they did nothing to prevent it. And that ‘they’ who were told wasn’t just a small group, and the Rethuglican Senators really have been covering it up all this time.

    It’s just so…so… horrible.

    Sometimes I forget just how heinous the warmongers really were.

  2. As of this morning, three thousand five hundred and three U.S. military deaths, that is 3,503 AMERICAN DEATHS caused by puppet George W. Bush and Dick the Dick Cheney wanting to steal Iraqi resources under the guise of GWOT.

    I understand there has been a vote in the Iraqi parliament to counter any signing of the infamous ‘oil law’ as written by the Bush Administration and which the Bushies were hoping could be signed by their lapdog Maliki, sort of in the way Bush creates reality with his ‘presidential directives’. Interesting, isn’t it, that the elected Sunnis just voted against this ‘oil law’ about which the Bush team lies to Americans saying the ‘oil law’ is just about Kurd and Shiite area oil revenues being shared with Sunnis.

    When folks have lost their primary joys of self [caring, sharing, honesty, good will, uprightness, simplicity, etal] they just can never get enough of the replacement secondaries [power, greed, lusted-after material wealth and objects, etal] to ever fill the void.

  3. 3500 dead? well, we’ve got a lot more to go before America gives a shit. For now we have General “Davey”Petraeus to save the day. He’s smart..a PhD..and he also wrote the book on counter-insurgencies.. He’ll give us victory because he wrote the book. Aren’t we fortunate that Bush picked him special..because he wrote the book on counter-insurgencies, plus he’s got a PhD. Wow, it’s like a guaranteed victory because Bush knows what he’s doing when it comes to picking winners.
    Let’s be patient and let Davey work his victory magic.

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