5 thoughts on “Why Albanians Were Eager to Shake Hands With Bush

  1. Maha,
    The fact that this stooge is the face of this country is a joke.
    And if someone stole his watch, WOW! How did the Secret Service let anyone close to this clown?
    And the fact that Albanian’s were eager to shake any part of his body ought to inspire fear into anyone of Albanian decent.

    Fortunatley, I’m Russian and Ukrainian, so I have my own set of problems to worry about!

    More on that later….

  2. I want to know why Albanians get to paw him, rub his head and grab his watch, but we American citizens have to sign loyalty oaths before they’ll let us even get into a room where we might accidentally ask him a question.

  3. What I wonder is how much it cost the American people to make the Albanians love this president.

    I’ve searched, and all I can find publicly available is a report about 14 million dollars “to further democracy in Albania.”

    I’m not saying the Albanians aren’t in pretty desperate straits, economically, so it wouldn’t take much to make Bush somewhat popular, and of course, they’re pleased that somebody, at least, is paying attention to them at all and supporting their faint hope for EC entry.

    That still doesn’t seem to me to explain this wild enthusiasm. Part of it seems to be that the Albanian government, such as it is, put out the word that they wanted to see an enthusiastic welcome — or else. Read The Moderate Voice today for more background.

    I wonder just how much that internment camp in Albania (the one the three Uighurs “captured” in Afghanistan were sent to after China wouldn’t take them) is costing.

  4. One assumes that since the Secret Service guys showed no concern for his safety, that there was no threat. Maybe a hand-picked crowd–just like the Social Security townhall meetings?

  5. I am waiting for someone to put a Timex “formerly owned by a US President on EBay. I am taking suggestions what the inscription on the back of the watch should say. Ideas?

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