Where’s the Smirk?

Bush Administration

Being President is just no fun any more.

I like the line about “Congress needs to prove to the American people that it can come together on hard issues.” What a joke.

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  1. PurpleGirl  •  Jun 28, 2007 @8:56 pm

    Yup, no smirk… he almost looked like he was about to cry….

  2. biggerbox  •  Jun 28, 2007 @11:44 pm

    This is what it looks like
    When (lame) ducks cry.

  3. Flamethrower  •  Jun 28, 2007 @11:48 pm

    he looks the way he looked on the day the planes hit.

  4. c u n d gulag  •  Jun 29, 2007 @6:18 am

    The little king’s sad because the only legacies of his kingdom that will be remembered are the following:
    Unprovoked war.
    Spying on citizens.
    Tax cuts for the rich.
    No to stem cell research.
    And, usurious credit policies.

    Now he’s sad because indentured servitude that would have supplied his corporatist friend’s with cheap labor didn’t pass.
    Not too compassionate. Just very conservative.

    Let’s hope the little king and his Iago agree to step down in January ’09, after the election in ’08.
    Can Unitarian President’s leave in a time of war?

  5. jerri  •  Jun 29, 2007 @8:09 am

    “he looks the way he looked on the day the planes hit” Yep

  6. marijam  •  Jun 29, 2007 @8:14 am

    c u n d gulag, no, it isn’t “just very conservative”. It was the conservatives and the liberals who believe in America as an autonomous nation that killed this thing. What Bush is, is “just very corporate”. Anything for money. Bottom line.

  7. maha  •  Jun 29, 2007 @9:01 am

    marijam — I have to say I don’t care much for the “autonomous nation” line; it smacks of racist hysteria. We’re not in danger of losing our political autonomy because of undocumented Mexicans. The bigger issue, IMO, is protecting wages and worker’s rights.

  8. Douglas Hughes  •  Jun 29, 2007 @8:55 pm

    quack, limp, quack, limp, quack, limp

  9. Douglas Hughes  •  Jun 29, 2007 @9:11 pm

    Re comment 7, maha. Yes, the bigger issue needs to be protecting American (of any race creed or national origin) wages and American workers rights. I do NOT support the exploitation of foreign workers, but the bigger problem over the past few decades is a squeeze play where US jobs are exported and foreign workers (legal and illegal) are being imported. Look at the facts on the abuse of the H visas by tech companies to use Indian (the country) tech workers (computer & engineering) in this country rather than hire more expensive Amercian college grads. It’s not small either; we are talking hundreds of thousands of visas.

    The ‘reform’ was designed to legalize not just Mexican, but all kinds of foreign labor for the benefit of corporations. It is that pressure from the Chamer of Commerce that resurrected amnesty. It is patriots from both sides of the aisle that killed it.

  10. c u n d gulag  •  Jun 30, 2007 @4:39 am

    Let this current bill die. It was a Frankenstein monster. The fact that the right hated it was no reason to vote for it. The bill sucked.
    Let the next President and Congress try to do better.