Executive Privilege

Nice editorial in tomorrow’s New York Times:

The courts have recognized a president’s limited right to keep the White House’s internal deliberations private. But it is far from an absolute right, and Mr. Bush’s claim of executive privilege in the attorneys scandal is especially ludicrous. The White House has said repeatedly that Mr. Bush was not involved in the firings of nine United States attorneys. If that’s true, he can hardly argue that he has the right to conceal conversations and e-mail exchanges that his aides had with one another and the Justice Department. …

… Last week, in a bit of especially mendacious spin, Tony Fratto, the White House deputy press secretary, responded to the subpoenas on the illegal wiretapping by saying, “It’s unfortunate that Congressional Democrats continue to choose the route of confrontation.”

Actually, Mr. Bush chose that route long ago by defining consultation as a chance for lawmakers to hear about decisions he had already made, bipartisanship as a chance for Democrats to join Republicans in rubber-stamping those choices and Congressional oversight as self-serving and possibly seditious. At this point, confrontation is far preferable to the path the Republican majority in Congress chose for so many years — capitulation.

3 thoughts on “Executive Privilege

  1. I hope the Congress can pick itself up off its groveling face and drive Bush from office wearing the disgrace and dishonor he so rightfully deserves. I cringe when I think back to the GOP juggernaut of brown shirts running roughshod over our country during Bush’s heyday. Mindless assholes..like Delay, Frist, Santorum, and that big clown former wrestling coach who was Speaker of the House. Tell me he didn’t delight in making sure by watching, that his “boys” took their showers. Oh don’t forget the little GOP pedophile, Foley..He’s made himself scarcer then hen’s teeth since he was exposed for what he was.
    I’m seeing a lot of positve signs that Bush and Cheney, and the rest of their minions are headed down the road toward accountibility..and it does my heart good.

    At this point, confrontation is far preferable to the path the Republican majority in Congress chose for so many years — capitulation.…No, They more than capitulated, they whored!

  2. “I cringe when” GOP enough said~
    I was born by a rail-road track, Train wisthel by and I wail right back. I ain’t never satisfied. No I aint never satisfied.

    But sometimes writing you senator works!

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