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I’ve carried Rittenhouse Review on my blogroll from the beginning of The Mahablog (which is five years old today, btw). At the time Mahablog was born, Rittenhouse Review was already a well-established blog. It was one of the first blogs I know of that was really written, meaning it was thoroughly and artfully composed and not just a collection of links bracketed by snark. Rittenhouse blazed a trail for blogging as literature and set a high standard the rest of us struggle to reach. That’s why I’ve got it listed under “Great Literature” on the blogroll now.

I did not know the proprietor, Jim Capozzola, personally. But with the rest of the blogosphere I am sadden to learn that he died yesterday. Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerrilla did know him personally. “The world is so much less scintillating without him in it,” she says.

I can’t quite bring myself to remove the link yet. The Great Literature roll used to contain Fafblog and Body and Soul, now gone quiet. I don’t believe anything bad happened to those bloggers, but losing a great blog is a little like losing a friend, and I still miss them. I trust my two remaining “greats,” Lance Mannion and James Wolcott, are well.

But while there are goings, there are also comings. Some friends of the late, great Steve Gilliard are continuing The News Blog as The Group News Blog. Drop by today and say hi.

2 thoughts on “Jim Capozzola

  1. Congrats on 5 years of awesome blogging. Wish I’d found you earlier! I consider your blog one of my ‘check first’ sites anytime I’m on line.



  2. Maha,
    Thanks for the link over the years.
    I read his opnion’s – and liked what I read.
    And then, there was a pause. I didn’t know why. And then he came back – and then he disappeared, again.
    Now, I know why.
    He was a writer who was exceptional. He will be missed.
    May God (if there is one), have mercy on his soul..
    God know’s he knew mercy…
    More people should share that gift of mercy.

    PS: I’m waching CNN, and “The Creature” is speaking. Forgive me, but I have to vomit. I just heard It say “Extremissssst’s” (in a now sober(?), drunken, sibilant slur).

    PLEASE GOD, make this stop!!!

    This corrupt clown must…

    Jesus, It just [email protected]#$ed-up the name of the soldier It was lauding, You have to listen to It on CNN.

    “Dark Vision.” That’s what The Creature just called Islam.

    OMG! You have to listen to It! The Creature is pulling out every, and I mean EVERY, Rethug talking-point!

    Here’s my favorite: “Extermissssst’s, and terorrorisssssst’s, and killersssss!!”
    I guess you don’t have to be Sybil to be sibilant…

    Hey, let me ask a question of Nietzsche: Can evil ever die? Because, between good and evil, we’re now well on the latter side, rather than the former!

    Happy 4th, all.
    Let’s celebrate what we once had; and mourn what we’ve lost. I won’t take the time to list all of the right’s we’ve lost. If you’re a true Amerian, you’lll know what’s been taken away from us.

    Jefferson and Franklin are weeping. And, not from joy…

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