Praiseworthy Republicans, MIA

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I brought up this topic of praiseworthy Republicans a few days ago, but fumbled the post by leaving a password lock on it [thanks again, moonbat, for correcting that], so now I’ll revive the topic and develop it a bit.

The general consensus is that the Bush/Cheney team’s unpopularity has reduced the electoral viability of the Republican Party. That is great for the short term and for a necessary pendulum swing from the Bush extremes, but is not really desirable for the long term health of a two party system. But I want to focus attention on the fact that the Bush/Cheney team has been targeting and/or sidelining and/or smearing ‘praiseworthy Republicans’ to such an extent that only Bush-aping extreme positions are considered ‘true Republican’ enough for today’s Republican party presidential candidates or congressional leaders, in particular when it comes to the issue of the Iraq War. This, I believe, signifies an unhealthy mutation of the Republican party that threatens America beyond the day when Bush and Cheney leave office.
For some perspective on how the tenor of ‘Republican’ has changed in just four years, I am repeating the words of a group of ‘praiseworthy Republicans’. Some of you may remember these words published in January of 2003 in the Wall Street Journal. They are worth a second and even third reading because, in hindsight, these ‘pre-mutation’ Republicans were remarkable for simply expressing their independence, and their common sense, wisdom, thoughtfulness and heart. Can you imagine any Republicans comfortable in speaking out like this today? The Bush team would work to destroy them.

Here are the words of the ‘Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities’, a group of 20+ Republican business folks led by Edward Hamm [he himself had donated more than a half million dollars to Republican politicians and causes, and I believe he paid the $170,000 cost of the following full page ad]:
“To President Bush, his advisors and the American People: Let’s be clear, We supported the Gulf War. We supported our intervention in Afghanistan. We accept the logic of a just war. But, Mr. President, your war on Iraq does not pass the test. It is not a just war. The candidate we supported in 2000 promised a more humble nation in our dealings with the world. We gave him our votes and our campaign contributions. That candidate was you. We feel betrayed. We want our money back. We want our country back.
War is the most extreme action a society can take. It can only be unleashed after exploring every other road. You have not explored all the roads.
How many young American lives will be lost in this dubious war? How many more innocent Iraqis will be killed and maimed and made homeless? Haven’t they suffered enough, after two decades of terrible wars and sanctions?
Among the one billion Muslims in the world there is a steady trickle of recruits going to Al Qaeda. You will turn that trickle into a torrent. A billion bitter enemies will rise out of this war.
And out of war may rise an Iraqi regime every bit as brutish as the present one. What will you do then? Our jaws drop when we read that you may decide to occupy Iraq for years, that the next ruler of Iraq may be…an American general! Is there anyone in this country who thinks that will work? Your odds of success are infinitesimal!
The world wants Saddam Hussein disarmed. But you must find a better way to do it. Why would you lead us into a situation where you are bound to fail? You cannot keep proclaiming peace while preparing for war. You are waltzing blindfolded into what may well be a catastrophe. Pride goeth before a fall. Show the humility and compassion that led us to elect you.”

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  1. Bonnie  •  Jul 13, 2007 @10:18 pm

    All the praise worthy Republicans are dead. Isn’t that sad.

    BREAKING NEWS: Watch Bill Moyers Journal tonight. It’s really good.

  2. Swami  •  Jul 13, 2007 @10:25 pm

    Why would you lead us into a situation where you are bound to fail?

    Ahh..He was experiencing a testosterone rush. The praises from a chorus of sycophants coupled with assurances from God that the lord of all creation gave him a thumbs up to kick Saddam’s ass. It’s a pretty heady experience, and not many men can withstand that kind of fluffing and stroking of their egos.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the greatest leader of them all? …Why, you are, Mr. President! Providence shows us that you are chosen by divine appointment to respond to 9/11.

    Really…looking back at Harriet Miers near orgasmic facial expressions when she was in his presence kinda tells on the extreme assault on Bush’s ego.

  3. moonbat  •  Jul 14, 2007 @12:50 am

    Your piece reminds me of something posted on CommonDreams by Thom Hartmann, Republicans, Please Take Back Your Party. Excerpt:

    “In the years since …, the Republican Party has been seized by Ayn Rand utopians, Pat Roberson fundamentalists, and the largest and dirtiest of America’s corporate elite. They’ve trashed the values of Lincoln and Eisenhower, rejected Jesus’ words in Matthew 25, and turned our commons into a dumping ground while using our nation’s treasury as a honey pot.”

    “And, so, those of us “on the left” ask our Republican friends: Please take your party back from these fanatics, before it’s too late for America to ever again be the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

  4. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 14, 2007 @6:26 am

    Ah, for the day’s when almost all I disagreed with them on was economic’s and some social issue’s.
    Those were the day’s… John Birch seems almost like a Liberal Democrat in today’s light.
    Those day’s have been replaced by night and terror-filled dreams far worse than I ever imagined.
    Nixon scared me. These evil, incompetent clowns terrorize me. And the world feels the same way.
    Indict. Impeach. Incarcerate.

    We were far too interventionist in the past 100+ year’s. And a lot of that has come back to bite us in the @$$.
    Still, I want my old country back. We were never flawless, God knows, but we were never THIS evil before, either…
    We are ruled by imcompetent, corporatist, Dominionist War Criminal’s.
    Maybe, someday, if we survive this, we can laught at all of this. I wish! We will pay for the last 6 1/2 years for more than a century. And that’s if we survive…

  5. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 14, 2007 @7:09 am

    One last thought. And yes, I’ve written about this before.
    But, why do I, and my family, have to pay for this stupidity, arrogance and incompetence for generation’s?
    I’ve been opposed to every Rethuglican trick, sleigh-of-hand, and example of outright thievery since I was a young teen in the Nixon era of the early ’70’s.
    Why shouldn’t everyone with an “R” next to their name since, say, oh, at least the year 2000, be made to pay? Why should the majority have to pay for the results that incurred after election’s were stolen?
    Yes, I’m willing to pay for my percentage of the disaster that Republican’s have wrought on our economy, our civil liberties and our nation’s reputation: That would be exactly 0%!
    Discuss my disgust…

  6. moonbat  •  Jul 14, 2007 @8:38 am

    Believe me, c u n d gulag, I often think that same thought, especially as I look north toward Canada. I see no reason to stay behind and suffer the consequences of others’ stupidity.

    Neither did my grandparents (who fled Russia), nor did thoseJews who got out of Germany sixty some years ago, with their lives.

  7. Donna  •  Jul 14, 2007 @8:51 am

    An extended family I have known for years is in the process of moving all of their households to Canada. Some family units are already living there. That enviable fact aside, I guess those of us still here will be paying the consequences of the national policies caused by that small colluding group at the top of our pyramid.
    I look at the demise of the Republican party partly in order to have a heads up about the future of the Democratic party. It is not just the Republicans who have followed Bush’s talking points.

  8. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 14, 2007 @9:54 am

    My parent’s got out of Russia via Hitler’s camp’s. They spent horrible times in those camp’s even though they weren’t Jewish (not that it should make any difference…).

    Today, they don’t recognize the country they came to anymore….

    I’d love to leave this country, as it now is. I speak a few foreign language’s, and could probably find employment in another country.
    But I stay for one reason. If people like you, and I and Maha go, this country is truly done. Not that it’s not done already.

    I still have hope. American is not yet Dante’s “Divine Comedy:” “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here…”

    I hope I don’t meet you at some 21st Century Gulag. We’re not that far away, I’m afraid…
    But, like I said, I still have hope!