2 thoughts on “All Through the Night

  1. What the pajama party means to me.

    This has been called “political theater” by Bu$hco and his electronic PR machine. And like the corporate shills they are the MSM have followed along as they often do. Convincing their audience that this “all nighter” is nothing more than a political stunt. When in fact it is exactly a political stunt, but done for historical reasons. Reasons that can be traced to the founding of this country, but for which they seem ignorant of. What the MSM should be trying to do is inform their customers that this is indeed what should happen in the face of a filibuster. If a senator or group of senators will not vote, they are required to stand and debate (all night if need be). If they will not let a measure be voted on than they have to argue until the other side goes home (hence the all-nighter). It was not long ago (2004-2005) to be exact when we heard that word “filibuster” quite regularly. It was associated with the neocon takeover of the Supreme Court. It seems as long as liberals were trying to protect the court with filibusters we all knew about it. And the filibuster was bad. And the word filibuster was allowed to be exploited. But since the “liberals” have been in control of the senate and the Neoconsuperfratboy’s are trying to protect the WAR machine (can it really be called a machine if it don’t work?), we don’t hear the phrase “Filibuster” much anymore? It is really unfortunate that our media is so uninformed, that they would take the grand piece of “political theater” and project it in such a dull light.

    Question: who would be a more destructive Vice President: Cheney or Lieberman? Hmmm.

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