Our own moonbat has graciously agreed to be a partner blogger here at The Mahablog. Although his blogging time might be a bit erratic and irregular, he says — day job, and all that — I am sure what he posts will add a little freshness and variety to the place.

Recent guest bloggers Donna and biggerbox also still have blogging privileges here (I assume you guys got the email) and I hope they will feel moved to post something now and then. (Don’t be shy!)

6 thoughts on “Announcements

  1. Maha, I did get the e-mail, and thanks for the extended privileges. In a few days, I am traveling west for a couple of weeks to greet my fifth grandchild who is expected to make his/her appearance any day now. And, darn, that collides with the Kos event which is in Chicago, within driving distance of my town.
    Watch out, I may get as unshy as to post some pictures of my roof which has now been on through four seasons and is doing a good roof job as well as getting curious comments like, “Is that some new design from Europe?” yep, covered stove pipe edges and all….. ‘Course, first I need to know how to post a photo…..hmm, my newly adopted middle name is, ah, whatever term is the antonym ‘computer savvy’……..
    Anyway, an Aussie salute to you…good on you, moonbat. I really enjoy your posts, and biggerbox’s too.

  2. Donna, looking forward to pictures of your funky roof – I’ve done a lot of carpentry in the past, and practically had my own parking spot at Home Depot. Too bad about Yearly Kos – I wish I could get there and experience it firsthand. I too need to figure out Photobucket and other photo posting services (there is a FAQ on DailyKos for how to do this) – maha may have a service she recommends. Good luck with your new arrival. Safe travels.

  3. That’s a good thing.. a welcomed addition, and an honor both given and received. Congratulations, moonbat, biggerbox, and Donna.

    Donna… I’d like very much to see pictures of your roof. I’d also be curious to know what exactly your trade is..My guess would be a carpenter.

  4. Swami, I will give you a puzzle. My first career was as a community development agent and psychiatric social worker [seven years], and my second career was as a union carpenter [thirteen years] and my third career [twenty years so far] utilizes all the best skills I developed in my first two careers. Can you guess my third career?

  5. Swami, you are so smart! Yes, I ‘remodel’ the houses people have to live in for a lifetime.

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