Maybe They’ll Find His Head

Bush Administration

President Bush will undergo a routine colonoscopy Saturday and temporarily hand presidential powers over to Vice President Dick Cheney, the White House said. [WaPo]

Juvenile quips welcome. Indulge yourselves.

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  1. JerseyJeffersonian  •  Jul 20, 2007 @1:12 pm

    Good time for the nuclear strike on Iran, don’t you think? Mad Dog Dick with his itchy finger poised over the trigger… Not a reassuring thought I would submit.

  2. joanr16  •  Jul 20, 2007 @1:23 pm

    I’ve got nothing except, .

  3. joanr16  •  Jul 20, 2007 @1:26 pm

    Oops, my snort vanished from the post above.

    I guess my prior experience with colo exams does have me wondering about the Presidential pre-exam purge party. Whoops, there goes everything he knows about governance!

  4. rege  •  Jul 20, 2007 @1:49 pm

    Doctors say they hope to find an earing lost by Harriet Miers and a tooth lost by Alberto Gonzales.

  5. biggerbox  •  Jul 20, 2007 @1:59 pm

    Dang, maha, I was just about to post that joke. Great minds work in the same ruts, as they say. 😉

    Myself, I’m wondering if I could talk my insurance into paying for me to have such a procedure done by a special team at a lovely mountain retreat. I’m sure I’d tolerate it better than if I had to go to a hospital with the rest of the plebians.

  6. moonbat  •  Jul 20, 2007 @3:09 pm

    If you want to see a whole collection of young folks with their heads up their asses, try to get through this well made video, obviously shot in an alternative universe: Meet the Next Generation of GOP Hypocrites at the College Republican Convention. Can we somehow figure out how to stop these people from breeding?

    Hold your stomach, try to stay tuned to the end, to catch the “Draft College Republicans” bumper sticker, along with Fortunate Son.

  7. Pat  •  Jul 20, 2007 @3:27 pm

    Finally, they will find the WMD.

  8. mamameow  •  Jul 20, 2007 @4:35 pm

    you know accidents do happen during colonoscopy?! how far does the cheney evil go? if something went wrong, we got cheney. if i were bush i would wait until out of office.

  9. Swami  •  Jul 20, 2007 @4:52 pm

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Cheney pardoned Libby while he held the temporary reigns of power. I’m certain that if he did..he’d get away with it knowing that all the American public could do is bellyache and cry foul. The truth is that Cheney knows there is nobody to stand up to him.

  10. Donnah  •  Jul 20, 2007 @5:24 pm

    Swami, don’t you know that Scooter is a dirty tissue as far as Cheney is concerned; used, discarded, and forgotten. That’s what loyalty is to Dick.

    As for Bush’s surgery, well it’s about time he got to know how the rest of us feel.

  11. gimmeabreak  •  Jul 20, 2007 @6:55 pm

    Is this colonoscopy to remove his head from his ass?

  12. erinyes  •  Jul 20, 2007 @6:58 pm

    All that whinning about the cost of John Edwars’s hair cut, how much does it cost to look up a bush?
    I’m sure everything is purfect, a super human colon and poop-shute if there ever was one.
    Look out Lemmiwinks!

  13. Doug Hughes  •  Jul 20, 2007 @8:11 pm

    I just saw the video of Keith Oberman’s commentary from last night, which you have a link to Crooks & Liars in the article ‘Mugged by Reality’. It’s a must see. It relates to this post in this way. The Presidential Proctologist has twice as much work to do on Saturday, because Keith ripped the Prez a new asshole. Go see it. (Keith – not the asshole)

  14. k  •  Jul 21, 2007 @12:19 am

    so he is finally making pres cheney official- it’s about time

  15. Fool e  •  Jul 21, 2007 @12:32 am

    Traces of tongue in cheek?

  16. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 21, 2007 @2:33 am

    As far as Bush being a BIG ASSHOLE, it remind’s me of an old punchline from the ’70’s, of 2 guy’s stuck in a large female body part:
    Find your flashlight to get our way out? Hell, if I could find my car key’s, we could drive out of here!!!
    What are the chance’s of a fatal colonoscopy mishap, and a fatal heart attack happening at the same time?
    I’m sorry, Bill’O,!!! O’rally might take this the wrong way. Sorry I wrote it…
    I just feel sorry for Iran in those couple of hours. Practice your “Duck and Cover” drill’s…
    BTW – Can Cheney eliminate any more of our right’s in those few hour’s? I bet that It can… The blood of Iraqi and American wounded seem to have made the Republican Dracula thrive again. Now, It need’s the blood of Iranian’s to really make freedom rain – bomb’s.
    The more blood, the closer Lynn and Dick seem to be… Lynn must not have been a virgin, because Dick want’s to see blod at every turn

    “Bush and Dick: No wonder we’re all screwed!”

  17. Preston  •  Jul 21, 2007 @11:32 am

    Actually, if anyone wants to find Bush’s head, they will have to do thecolonoscopy on Cheney.

  18. Dave  •  Jul 21, 2007 @3:52 pm

    Hope the good doc can cram the war back up his ass.

  19. montag  •  Jul 21, 2007 @6:39 pm

    The doctors have been warned not to go all the way in as Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location is still Top Secret.