Too Easy

Via Atrios and Whiskey FireMichael Gerson writes,

Recent books and studies seem to indicate disturbing sexual trends among evangelical Christians. And this time we’re not talking about their pastors or political leaders. The new attention is on evangelical teenagers, who reportedly start sex earlier than their mainline Protestant peers.

One gleeful headline on an Internet site recently read: “Evangelical Girls Are Easy.” That is not the way I remember it.

Um, Mr. Gerson, maybe girls just didn’t like you.

Yeah, I know. That was too easy.

4 thoughts on “Too Easy

  1. Come out Virginia, don’t hesitate,
    Catholic girls start much too late
    I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints,
    the sinners are much more fun,
    Darlin, only the good die young !

    I have a hot flash for Mr. Gleason….
    the mothers of evangelical girls are even easier, especially the divorced moms.

  2. As usual, TBogg says it best:

    “Some people choose abstinence; some have abstinence chosen for them.”

  3. I remember when a girl I worked with told us over lunch “My brother says he’s giving up sex for Lent – like he has a choice!”

  4. Gee, strange we should be talking about this..Playboy is featuring a pictorial next month on ” The Women of the Southern Baptist Convention”. Maybe if we read the article we’ll get some insight.

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