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  2. Maha – Not particularly right wing but I disagree with much of what you say. That’s still alright in this country, I believe. Anyone read Orson Scott Card’s Empire btw? Not bad for one of us “classical liberals”. It amuses me that his fans refuse to believe he wrote the book. (check amazon reviews) Skip the novel and at least read the afterword. Disagreement on both the left and right is what … treason? We all need to lighten up. Not much chance talking to our “enemies” if we can’t talk to each other and disagree on even small issues without rancor.

  3. Treason to the country or treason to the cause? To me, both ridiculous accusations for mere disagreement. But … yeah hell with him! He was a hero for a while until he apparrently broke ranks. That’s his point and I guess mine. Heresy becomes the worst sin.
    Alright, is it fair to ask how much you care what anyone thinks who doesn’t exactly (or I hope not, completely?) agree with you? What is preaching to the choir worth these days? A chorus of hallelujahs isn’t going to change anything, anywhere.

  4. ducktrapper — obviously, you didn’t bother to read the link I sent you to, or you wouldn’t continue to ask stupid questions. You are banned for being tiresome (see comment policy).

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