Michelle Malkin Hates Our Freedoms

Today a jury found Jose Padilla guilty of two counts

Count 1 – Conspiracy to Murder, Kidnap, and Maim Persons in a Foreign Country as part of a conspiracy to advance violent jihad
Count 2 – Conspiracy to Provide Material Support for Terrorists

I wouldn’t have a quarrel with the verdict had Padilla’s rights as a citizen been observed. If there was evidence showing him conspiring with terrorists, certainly an arrest and trial was warranted. But his rights as a citizen were not observed. There is no justice here.

Utterly oblivious to what has actually happened here, and that what was done to Padilla is a betrayal of everything this country used to stand for, Michelle Malkin is having an orgasm of celebratory righteousness all over her blog. Don’t look unless you have a strong stomach. She doesn’t come out and say that the verdict justified shredding the Fourth Amendment and almost four years of torture, but she sure as hell isn’t showing any remorse either. And her Hot Air partner Allahpundit cheers — it’s a “big win for Bush.”

Malkin and Allahpundit hate America.

[Updated here.]

11 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin Hates Our Freedoms

  1. I think what allahpundit wrote was this:

    Big win for Bush. A win too for Bush critics, in a sense: this will “prove” that the administration doesn’t need military tribunals to convict jihadis.

    Why the truncation?

    And if there was no evidence, how to account for the conviction?

    How deep does this conspiracy go?

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  3. Why the truncation?

    Anyone who sees this verdict as a win for anybody — except al Qaeda, who has successfully terrorized us into betraying ourselves — isn’t getting it.

    And if there was no evidence, how to account for the conviction?

    I didn’t say there was no evidence. Learn to read (note use of subjunctive mood, if you know what that is). What Padilla did to warrant arrest stopped being the issue a long time ago.

    How deep does this conspiracy go?

    The conspiracy to destroy the Bill of Rights and betray American principles? I’d say it started in the Oval Office and certainly extends, at least, to radical and un-American right-wing blogs like Protein Wisdom.

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  5. 4 years of torture? I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the treatment of Padilla, but I’ve not seen any complaints he has been tortured. Can you provide some links for that?


  6. That’s cute.

    You said Allah and Malkin hate America.

    No really…you’re clever…I get it…it doesn’t matter if he did it or not. What’s important is the fact those crazy righties are happy a (now convicted) teorrirst is behind bars. How utterly inhuman of them.

    Time to start the “Free Padilla” movement.

  7. Why would you quarrel with the verdict? Please expand on this Padilla was tortured for 4 years statement. I had not read that elsewhere. Clearly, Padilla was railroaded, and was but a humble goat herder prior to Bu$hCo railroading him with these charges to pump themselves up over killing them some terrorists. Have they no decency to let these peaceful people just go about their lives?

  8. to radical and un-American right-wing blogs like Protein Wisdom.

    Cute. Don’t question our patriotism while were busy questioning yours damnit!

  9. You have the stones to call somebody else radical and un-American?! They must be so big you have to carry them around in a wheelbarrow.

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