13 thoughts on “What Women Want?

  1. PurpleGirl… Probably polyurethane..shellac tends to cloud with moisture. But who knows?.. It could be some sort of a sprayable catalytic resin epoxy manufactured by Aqua Net.

  2. Mostly OT – I’m traveling in the heartland (Pennsylvania) and am stunned by the level of outrage here at Bush, by my moderate Republican family members living in Ohio. In terms of anger, they’re about where I was at four or five years ago; in terms of understanding the situation, maybe about two years behind me. They live in “Mean Jean’s” district and are especially pissed about the theft of the 2000 + 2004 elections. I never thought I’d see these moderate Republican folk come around.

    They’re especially hoping for Hillary to win, both because of the things she brings (experience + a woman president) but especially because of Bill – they see this as a big two-fer. They agree with me that it will take at least a generation to undo the damage the right has done, if it can be undone.

  3. Hey Moonbat, the only “folks” supporting Bush now are psychopaths and Fox noise zombies.
    YEWWWW, they used the “C” word in your link, Maha.
    Had I known that would fly without offending the many great women participating in the Mahablog, I’d have sent you last week’s McDeek. He was a bit crude and free with the “C” bomb.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. moonbat… that’s really interesting! As long as your relatives weren’t, as the Brits say, “having you on” (less fun that it sounds; down, Senator!). Wouldn’t a Hillary nomination be part of the VRWC?

  5. Like many of the GOP wingnut crowd, Phyllis has “helmet hair,” a special high-tech head covering the renders the wearer impervious to new ideas or information. Trent Lott is another HH fan.

  6. Myiq2xu-bravo-you are so right! Phyllis does have helmet hair, she is impervious to new ideas, and she hasn’t changed her look in 40 years. Come to think of it, Newt Gingrich also sports a helmet-like haircut. Perhaps it covers the tin-foil hats they wear.

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