A Decider and His Decisions

Bush Administration

Go read Steve M.

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  1. erinyes  •  Sep 2, 2007 @9:06 pm

    Unreal.The “Decider” Hawks loogies, chews with his mouth open, wipes his glasses on other peoples clothes, farts in public, thinks God speaks to him, chews on unlit cigars, threatens nations with “nucular” war, cobbled together an administration of psychopaths and yes-men, and he has not been removed from office? WTF,W?
    There’s an old saying in France “if you want to know if a fish is good,smell the head”.
    Good night……….

  2. Chief  •  Sep 2, 2007 @10:24 pm

    President Bush really has, at best, a mediocre mind. Bush is not stupid, he just has no intellect. “Go cut brush at the ranch.”

  3. myiq2xu  •  Sep 3, 2007 @3:56 am

    Blaming George Bush for what our government does is like blaming Ronald McDonald for a bad cheeseburger.

    Neither one of them is really in charge of the operation.

  4. Doug Hughes  •  Sep 3, 2007 @8:55 am

    But myiq2xu, Ronald McDonald knows he is a clown. Our Prez does not.

  5. Doug Hughes  •  Sep 3, 2007 @9:01 am

    In an exerpt from that article, Bush reporedly expects to make some money in speaking engagements, as Bill Clinton and elder Bush do. He does not have a clue that once he retires, he will be snubbed by conservative Republicans. His ‘legacy’ will be that of an outcast, and he still does not have a clue.

  6. maha  •  Sep 3, 2007 @11:01 am

    Doug — yeah, I think he’s going to be in for a rude shock when he leaves the White House. Of course, probably he’ll always be able to surround himself with people who will flatter his ego.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how he’s treated at the RNC convention next year. Normally an outgoing two-term president would be a big hero to his party. Ronnie and Nancy were worshiped at the 1988 convention, which was held at the New Orleans Superdome. Ronnie also was invited back to speak at the 1992 convention, which was about his last public appearance. But as I recall Bush #41 was cut out of the 2004 convention, although he and Bar both spoke in 2000.

    I suppose the RNC will have to invite the boy, but I’m betting that he won’t be on the stage with the nominee on the last night.

  7. Swami  •  Sep 3, 2007 @12:26 pm