7 thoughts on “Riverbend Is Safe

  1. Riverbend’s post was the most clear, succinct and heart-breaking testimonial to the blood-drenched absurdity that Bush and his henchmen have brought to Iraq.

    Coupled with Maha’s post a few days ago on the strong possibility of a U.S. invasion of Iran, one doesn’t know whether to scream in rage or in fear.

    Fifteen more months of uncertainty and dread…Is there anything the American population and other countries can do to make sure Bush doesn’t take us all with him in his quest for the Rapture (I can’t see any other reason he would bring the world to the brink of annihilation)?

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about this. I’ve read her blog since it started, and her long silences are like missing a friend.

    The other blogger I miss like all outdoors is Salam Pax. I wish he’d come back.

  3. It’s painful to read Riverbend’s writing and connect with the spirit emanating from her words, and then contrast that against the swill and deceptions that pour out of Bush’s mouth.

    I guess that Riverbend is just an ingrate who can’t appreciate the gift of freedom that Bush has given, huh? Maybe we shouldn’t be looking at the human consequences of our actions( heaven forbid we should touch our bonds with humanity), and anesthetize ourselves with mindless slogans like, God bless America.

    I can’t spew the proper or enough verbal bile to effectively come against the spirit that is Bush, but I know with certainty that my silence becomes an endorsement if I don’t speak out. And like Hugo Chavez I can smell the sulfur from Bush’s presence on this planet.

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  5. That is a heartbreaking post, and at the same time it’s an immense relief to know she’s okay. Four months of silence, under the circumstances, was not promising.

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