1 thought on “Taking a Stand

  1. Good old Krugman. The occupation of Iraq is no longer a military/war issue, it’s a political issue. Hopefully, the American people will take William Kristol’s words to heart, “One of the main teachings (of Leo Strauss) is that all politics are limited and none of them is really based on the truth” when they listen to next week’s ‘reports’ on the status of the Iraq occupation.

    The Patreas phenomenon is fascinating. Just constantly and relentlessly declare him to be THE general, THE supreme military strategist and tactician and, voila, he is and therefore he must be obeyed. Remarkable.

    Looks like Congress is falling for it too, OR, keeping the occupation going puts a lot of big money into a lot of congressmen’s political pockets and Patreas has nothing to do with it.

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