Speaking of Racism …

Warning: The video below has a Yuck Factor equivalent to three-day-old road kill. In July. I could only stand to watch a small part of it myself.

Beside being an exercise in classic projection, this video also belongs in the racism/sexism hall of fame. The speaker thinks “that girl” from Countdown (Alison Stewart; I don’t believe the creep who made the video even bothered to learn her name) was only chosen to be on Countdown because she “resembles” (as in being a young woman of color?) Michelle Malkin. He must think the guest host job should go by default to a white guy, and anyone else must be an Affirmative Action hire. That Stewart has smarts and poise to spare and got the job on merit isn’t a factor.

Nobody can replace Keith on Countdown, but IMO Stewart is his only recurring guest host of ANY race or gender who seems comfortable and natural in the role.

14 thoughts on “Speaking of Racism …

  1. It’s amazing how much vitriol can be generated from so little substance. Malkin is as lovable as a vicious and tormented pitbull. Don’t go near her..she’s nasty

  2. I won’t watch it. I’m sure it’s predictable. Something we’ve all heard a million times before.

    I like Stewart. She has gut’s, brain’s and a sense of humor. Not to mention that’s she’s beeautiful… (Sorry, I may be almost 50, but I ain’t dead yet!)
    Why not give her her own show MSNBC? Oh, yeah, Tucker, the bow-tied tough-guy, is doing so well…
    MSNBC, when self-interst to make some $ doesn’t motivate you, what will?
    Wake up!!!!!!!

  3. The similarities are amazing, they both have “ethnic” eyebrows, and fancy hair, hell I bet they both have 10 toes as well. Is this guy really not smart enough to find anything worth bitching about?

  4. I like Stewart, but she’s also presided over some unfortunate stories (and I have no idea if they were her doing or the producer’s), such as making fun of how Wendy Vitter was dressed during a press conference.

  5. Maha, the link was supposed to be to Malkin’s rant against Sally Fields. Malkin came out snapping against all decency. It’s a really nasty piece by Malkin that shows her bitterness toward peace and harmony is increasing. What an acrid personality she is.

  6. There are times when I realize that the wide distribution of video production technology is not an unblemished advance.

    I find Alison’s style too breezy and playful for my taste, and she has a fondness for gossipy infotainment that doesn’t do her credit, but she has more journalistic credibility in her little finger than that other woman. She has anchored newscasts on multiple networks. She worked as a ‘fill-in anchor’ elsewhere before MSNBC put her in Keith’s chair.

    Any resemblance between her and that other woman are down to them both conforming to the TV phenotype “GenX female professional, nonwhite”, and the hard work of TV stylists and make-up artists. But of course, any fan of “the Factor” is too oblivious to understand the biases, either overt or hidden, in what he is watching.

  7. Her bile-laced spit eats through solid steel…Children cower and flowers wilt when she enters the room. When she walks outdoors clouds very quickly and ominously block the sun.

    Scarily evil she is.

  8. I can’t watch this crap. I like Alison Stewart, she handles the snark well. I also like the other sub, I forget her name, I think it’s Amy, she does a good job too.
    Sad loser Malkin..

  9. Biggerbox, I agree with you. Sometimes the democratization of technology has its drawbacks!

    I hate to say this, but this video feels like a goofy high school kid created it; his argument is juvenile, and the physical comparisons are laughable – Malkin and Stewart do NOT resemble each other, except for the fact that they are non-white and female.

    Is this video supposed to be taken seriously?

    I wish there was intelligence present in this video, but I am afraid I could not find any. It is not that I believe that anyone who holds an opinion that is different than mine is stupid; I just believe one should be able to express it with a modicum of intelligence and reason.

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