6 thoughts on “David Schuster Is Da Man

  1. We weep and we mourn,huh? It’s not like they’ll never be forgotten..It’s more like they can’t even be remembered.

    Why do they play games?..It’s just another dead kid who counts for nothing anyway. So who is kidding who with their feigned love? It makes me appreciate guy’s like Stalin and Hiltler who at least had the honesty to send their troops to slaughter without all the bullshit of pretending to care for their well being. If we really cared we wouldn’t allow them to die for Bush’s lies.

    It’ll be 3800 dead by the end of this week..and 4000 by Christmas. And ultimately it will be us–the American people–who are responsible for their dying for vain because we didn’t have the courage to stand up to a lie.

    Good for Schuster..he put that pig in her place!

  2. The absurdity of making an issue out of this ad perplexes me to the nth degree. I think one of the guests on last weeks Real Time said it best when he pointed out that the Republicans are really good at talking about how they talk about the war by NOT talking about the war. They talk about a single ad or how the democrats are not supporting the troops, but they never actually talk about the war on the ground. That lady (people like that get elected to the House of Representatives?) is just a joke.

  3. Oh the poor dear..mean old Schuster just confused her with a technicality..Bohanan was from her district alright, but her district in Tennessee is part of Ft.Campbell, Kentucky. So how can she be blamed for not knowing the name of a dead soldier from an entirely different state from her own. She was tricked into making her seem uncaring.

  4. schuster will have his own show by xmas. tfucker’s contract is up for renewal before thanksgiving. read wikipedia bio on schuster, he has been along time fox employee. do these guys flip that easily between right and left or has david seen the light?? love the guy anyway!!! i wait to see if the tfucker is going to be on and then decide to watch. only news shows now worth giving a try are jack cafferty, tweety, and schuster. keith baby is the sure thing always!!!!!!

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