9 thoughts on “Smart v. Stupid

  1. just to point out — that idiotic website has a link to the colbert report among the wingnut blogs
    uh.. think much?

  2. I read the Friedman article. Friedman says 9/11 made “us” stupid.
    He should have said “9/11 made me, Tom Friedman, and many others so stupid that we supported the Neocon plan to invade Iraq”.
    Yes, 9/11 is over but the results of this stupidity, the war in Iraq, goes on.
    Thanks Tom.

  3. My first reaction to Friedman’s article was “Who’s we, paleface?”

    My second is that I’m glad Friedman is catching up, even if it is years too late. Perhaps the fact that someone inside the Village says it out loud is a sign of progress. Too little, too late, but still … am I looking a gift horse in the mouth?

    And then, as I wondered about that, I landed somewhere in the vicinity of the talking dog. Tom and his friends have been being more than stupid, and they’ve made a mess no one candidate can fix.

    Sorry, Tom, one column, brave as it may feel there in the study of your mansion in Bethesda, just isn’t enough for me to forgive you. Stop telling me about the candidate you want to clean up your mess, and get to work.

  4. Not only are the wingnuts stupid, they’re also incredibly dishonest, as the briefest skimming of their drivel quickly reveals. “Stop the ACLU” claims Friedman said we should not care about 9/11, Sistah Toldjah claims Friedman said we should pretend it’s still 9/10, etc. etc. Do these morons think nobody is going to click on the link and check what Friedman actually said? Well, maybe their regular mouth-breathing readers won’t.

  5. Rudy can’t complete a whole sentence without referencing 9/11.

    I wouldn’t say it made Rudy stupid, I’d say it made him opportunistic..Its like the old expression..”when life gives you lemons..you make 9/11″

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