5 thoughts on “An Easy Choice

  1. Maha,
    “We don’t torture!
    It’s kind of like, kind ‘o like…. Kinda…
    Ya see, we don’t torture!!! We just don’t…
    Yeah, we don’t torture. Ya’ll see….
    It’s kind of, kind ‘o, kinda – if pig’s had wing’s, we wouldn’t want them “Buffalo” style. We would look at them and say, “Pig’s can’t fly.” So, I won’t eat their tasty wing’s. Which we know they don’t have, but if they did, they would be tasty, and I wouldn’t eat them.
    ‘Cause ya can’t eat what ain’t there…
    So, like a pig’s wing’s, we don’t torutre!!!”

    Why is it that I’m scared he might actually say this?

    PS: Pig’s have a better chance of flyin’ than he does thinkin’!

  2. Yeah it might seem to be an easy choice, but when you have a Congress full of sniveling cowards who would rather look the other way because they can’t find the courage to come against Bush’s lies — then there really is no choice.

    In child rearing you don’t ask a child if they lied…you tell them that they lied.

  3. For all of the religous crap tossed about in Congress, don’t any of them believe in an afterlife and/or any repurcussions’s?

    I’m not religious, but I think there’s some sense of Karma out there…

    If there is, these “sniveling coward’s” will have to account for their behaviour – won’t they?
    Or, can’t they see beyond their own toupees? Aren’t they concerned that they may have Hell to pay?

    I guess not.
    STUPID questioon….

    More importantly, what’s happening with Brit and K-Lo?
    Or, is it K-Fed?
    What the “L!”
    Or, what the “F!”
    Anyone know!!!

  4. I think the best evidence that the Bush Administration tortures is the fact that after six years they haven’t caught bin Laden yet. While they try to tell us it has saved lives, I don’t believe them. They won’t be specific in how many lives have been saved. And, their history of lying through their teeth just convinces me that they cannot and will not tell the truth. Thus, they can just save their breath.

    Bush is the kind of Christian who became a Christian so he could do bad stuff and then be able to ask God to forgive him. I truly believe he is going to rot in hell right next to the 19 hijackers of 9/11.

  5. I wonder what we are doing with all the al-Qaida suspects that are captured in Iraq..Seeing how they are labeled as al-Qadia they automatically qualify by virtue of that label in fulfilling the ticking bomb scenario that justifies the use of torture. I’ve noticed that some captured al-Qaida suspects have eagerly volunteered information about their comrades whereabouts, and the locations of weapon caches, after very brief interrogations. It just seems strange to me that a dedicated Jihadist would abandon his holy cause against godless infidels with only the use of dialog.
    Maybe I shouldn’t ask that question, huh?… hear no evil, see no evil, then there is no evil?

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