Even Crazier Than Malkin

This loony tune accuses the Democratic Party of terrorist tactics because a child appeared in an ad supporting S-CHIP.

Lets look at Hizbullah after the kidnapped Israeli Soldiers and Israel responded.

    The Human Rights Council followed the OIC’s direction when it decided to condemn only Israel and to ignore Hezbollah’s daily barrage of rockets targeted deliberately against civilian populations in Israel as well as the Hezbollah terrorists’ use of human shields to hide behind in Lebanon.

Another example, al-Qaeda and the Haditha incident.

In an exclusive, Defend Our Marines provided a declassified PDF file, showing that al-Qaeda deliberately hid behind innocents to guarantee they would be caught in the crossfire.

During the November Haditha battle, the insurgents secreted themselves among local civilians to guarantee pursuing Marines would catch innocent civilians in the ensuing crossfire. On January 6, 2006 six insurgents who tried to do the same thing at another location in Haditha were turned in to Coalition authorities before they could mount a similar assault, the report says.

It is well known and documented that terrorists hide behind innocent men, women and children, knowing that when those that they are attacking fight back, those innocents will get hurt, but it doesn’t matter to them, because when the innocents get hurt they create a media frenzy of “look, they attacked innocent people”… usually it works too.

And from here the dingbat accuses the Democrats of hiding behind Graeme Frost. See the connection? Using a child in an ad is just like what Hezbollah and al Qaeda do.

Um, hysterical, much?

The twit is continuing to perpetrate the same pack of lies so thoroughly debunked yesterday, btw. I suppose when you’re this nuts, facts don’t make much of a dent.

You’d think no Republican … say, President Bush … ever papers over the pernicious effects of his policies through public appearances with children, or soldiers, or military families, or Katrina flood survivors, hm? Hell, photo opping is the only thing the damn fool in the Oval Office can get right.

For more righteous outrage against the latest brainless hate crusade from the Right, see Christy Hardin Smith, publius, and Hilzoy.

14 thoughts on “Even Crazier Than Malkin

  1. Snowflake babies, anyone?

    Bush’s July 2006 gathering of them was “so transparently political and cynical” that it made even Joe Klein want to throw up.

    Apparently using children for a heart-string-plucking photo op in defense of a veto is A-OK with the Malkiniki, but using a child to criticize a veto? Terr-ism. Plain and simple.

    Perhaps we can call this the Frost Corollary of the IOKIYAR Principle.

  2. In both the stem-cell and SCHIP vetoes, Bush was way out of touch with the public’s perspective on those issues. His form of “governance” used to depend on Rove manipulating the public’s ignorance, but of course, those days are over. Wingnuttia is self-destructing over this one. Fun to watch, but unfortunate for the very brave Frost family.

  3. Yes! And “they’ are coming to take you away hahahehe!

    The ONLY thing “debunked” was the Leftinistra publicity stunt using an innocent child that didn’t know any better reading a speech written by an idiot on the left.

    Too bad for y’all that you are incapable of verifying before you leap.

    Have fun in the Abyss of Obscurity!

  4. Wow, Snooper, that’s so persuasive. I feel chastised. You can go away now.

    (Dealing with righties always feels like haggling the price of steak with a hyena. Why is that?)

  5. It’s great watching the right once again, dig their own grave, as their own sociopathic sickness comes out and turns the country against them. My condolences to the Frosts, but this is shaping up to be Terry Shiavo, the sequel. I’m eager to see the poll numbers in a couple of weeks. How Low Can They Go – abyss of obscurity indeed.

    Dealing with righties is like dealing with a pack of excited hyenas, but I can’t even make out what they’re saying. Nor do I care. Buzz off, losers.

  6. Bush Junior, Cheney the Dick and just about the entire GOP chickened out of serving in Vietnam, and stayed stateside in cushy jobs. Does that count as “hiding behind civilians”?

  7. Sat next to a FAM (Federal Air Marshall) to Europe several months ago.

    In the course of events, I mentioned that, should I have the opportunity to stop an assassination of, say, the top administration officials, I might hesitate. He offered that there might be other “hesitations” within the FAM and Secret Service programs. Just sayin’

  8. That site is somewhat scary … reading the comments, seems like a peek into an alternate universe…


  9. except that the kids father OWNS his woodworking shop and pays $20,000 per year per kid for tuition!
    They won’t send their kids to a public school! wonder why?

  10. boaz ——-

    Seriously, how have you managed to miss the fact that they pay $500 per year tuition? The son has scholarships that pay for all but that much, and the state pays for the daughter, because of the fact that the kids have special needs, because of their TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES.

    This has been reported multiple times, in multiple places .. so question is, are you ignorant or lieing? And if ignorant, how?


  11. You know what, no, never mind, forget I said anything. Arguing with you just plays into the fallacy that there is anything to actually argue about so no. Nothing to see here, go about your business.


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