Malkin Quits O’Reilly Factor

Giraldo Rivera was mean to her. Poor baby. See also Tbogg and Gavin.

There is speculation that the Powers That Be of the Right see her as a liability, particularly after her unhinged performance over the Frost family (which goes on, unabated, on her blog), and she was encouraged to resign. Unless there’s a new twist I don’t know about — it’s not like I actually watch Faux Snooze — the Rivera flap happened over a month ago. Why quit now?

Update: I hope somebody posts a video of what Olbermann said. Hysterical.

2 thoughts on “Malkin Quits O’Reilly Factor

  1. One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind…

    Every flood starts with a drip. That Malkin is that first drip is quite appropriate. Preventing that evil shrew from access to TV to spew her hatred is a huge victory.

    Now, when O’Reilly quits O’Reilly, we’ll know we have succeeded. If MSNBC doesn’t muzzle Keith, it could happen sometime soon.
    O’Reilly is near a Malkin meltdown moment. He’s had a few close calls already, but no one had anything to relate it to.
    Now, when Bill spews hatred at someone he claims is victimizing him, someone could say, “Hey, he sounds like Malkin going after that kid.”
    Keep prodding Billo with the stick, Keith!

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