3 thoughts on “Tax Fairies

  1. The tax-cut fairies – and let me be clear – we are not talking about still-in-the-closet gay homophobes – but tax-cut fairies with real wings who leave a WHOLE lot of quarters under your pillow – or in your campaign war-chest as long as you don’t ask them to pay their share of taxes. The tooth – I mean tax fairy has helped Republicans get re-elected for decades. Voodo economics forever!

  2. Actually, under some specific circumstances, some tax rate cuts can pay for themselves IN THE SHORT TERM. But, the general case, and certainly the case for the Bush cuts, they never will.

    But that is the lesson of history: Republicans cut taxes and increase spending, thus running up the bill; Democrats are forced to come along later, raise taxes, pay the bill, and reset the economy. We can only hope it is not a diverging oscillation

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