Wisconsin for Obama

I just got back home and learned Obama won Wisconsin fairly decisively. This surprised me; I figured it would be close. The Associated Press is calling the Clinton candidacy “fading.” I don’t think it’s over yet, though.

John Dickerson at Slate says that Obama was able win over blue-collar workers, previously a key Clinton bloc. He’s also getting more votes from white women.

11 thoughts on “Wisconsin for Obama

  1. In scarcely veiled criticism of Obama, the Republican nominee-in-waiting said, “I will fight every moment of every day in this campaign to make sure that Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change.”

    Isn’t McCain wonderful? He’s going to save me from my own gullibility..what a great guy! His love for me gives me goosebumps and a tingling up my leg just like the kind that Tweety gets up his. Can you smell the Aqua Velvet?

  2. Taylor Marsh has a video of a legislator from Texas who supports Obama but cannot name one accompishment of Obama’s. Typical of most Obama supporters. He makes them “feel good.” Lord help us. Will we all have to join Oprah’s book club? By the way, didn’t she fall for an author who was also a phony and a crook?

  3. #2 — I saw that last night. Now, hettiemae, name Clinton’s legislative accomplishments. Come back when you’ve got the list.

    Please note also that I don’t mind commenters who give reasons to support Clinton over Obama. Clinton has some strengths and policy ideas that beat Obama’s. But don’t come here and hector us and call us idiots ever again, or I might get annoyed and ban you. OK? Final warning.

  4. Um, speaking of differences, I had one with you a week or so ago about low-information voters and whether they’re motivated by racism, at least partially, and I guess I have to apologize after reading this post by Digby (“They Aren’t Democrats”) about the motives of some real live “Reagan Democrat” types in Ohio. Interesting reading which supports your thesis, so credit where credit is due. http://digbysblog.blogspot.com/

  5. Typical of most Obama supporters. He makes them “feel good.”

    You pretty much captured everything about Obama supporters like me with that one, hettiemae. I’ve been completely sucked in and I’m just an automaton who is so happy I have finally found a cult I can join and an empty-suit Messiah I can follow.

    Other than that, in real life, I’m just a simple, gullible CFO kind of guy. The spin, it’s not working.

  6. Maha:

    It’s over, Hillary’s speech last night was very wingnutish, she is being advised to go negative and scare all of us into voting for her, it aint gonna work. This will be the same tactic that McCain will use in the general, it may work there, but it won’t work on democratic only voters. Hillary is toast, she has lost 10 primaries in a row and according to most talking heads she will need to win all remaining states that she has a chance in by 65%, aint gonna happen.

    Some Wisconsin numbers that must suck for the republicans:

    Hillary lost and got more votes, 453,774, than all the republican candidates combined, 403,472!

    Democratic total votes in Wisconsin, 1,099,652, that’s almost 3 times the republican totals, ouch!

  7. This is more than a one issue campaign. As much as I would dearly love to see a single payer health care system, I much, much more want to see a Democrat as POTUS on 21 Jan 09. I think that both Clinton & Obama can offer far more than McCain. Either Dem will do more to heal the country than a continuation of the present regime.

  8. If we wanted someone with an overstuffed résumé, shouldn’t we have thought of that when Biden and Richardson were still in the race?

  9. One reason Obama won by a much larger margin than the polls predicted is that he brought in a lot of new, young voters. I saw that at my polling place, where i voted my mind for Hillary, but my heart was with the kids — including this exit pollster: Talking to a different kind of exit pollster after casting my vote in the Wisconsin primary. The young woman who interviewed me on a cold Wisconsin night was an Iraq War vet. She wasn’t conducting a survey for the media but about the media.

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