Years ago, Geraldine Ferraro really was a heroine of feminism. I can remember being thrilled when she was named to be on Walter Mondale’s ticket in 1984.

Geraldine — I wished you’d STFU’d. First Eliot Spitzer, now you. Leave me with a couple of illusions, OK?

Keith Olbermann ripped the Clinton campaign a new one in his special comments tonight. Here are the highlights. I hope to be able to embed a video soon.

Via Nicole Belle, here is the Rev. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, who puts former heroine Ferraro in her place.

Update: Here’s the video.

Update 2:
If the video doesn’t work, as it doesn’t seem to at the moment, you can see it here.

12 thoughts on “Resignations

  1. Gerry says that she’s celebrating the fact that the black community has taken a historic pride in supporting Obama( she cites South Carolina). In other words… Obama is their home boy, and that’s all they’re capable of seeing in him. Seems to me Gerry is limiting the black community’s ability to think past their own skin color in supporting Obama.

  2. I was on the fence, but the events of this week have made me an Obama supporter. Since I live in NC I still have an opportunity to vote.

  3. Iowa Alaska Colorado Connecticut Delaware Idaho Kansas Minnesota Missouri North Dakota Utah Nebraska Washington Maine Hawaii Wisconson Vermont Wyoming

    Those don’t sound like deep south states to me. And they are all in Obama’s column. Clinton needs to get hammered on this – the same way they hammered Obama about the unsolicited endorsement by Farrakhan. Ferraro’s comments were racist; and Clintons reaction to date is a tacit endorsement OF those comments.

    She may have been advised to write off the black vote in PA, but those voters have 6 weeks to get organized and turnout in rage in record numbers along with white voters who have the same reaction to racism in politics as I do.

    I would be just as pissed if an Obama surrogate suggested Clinton can’t possibly be C-in-C because she does not have a dick.. But he’s not running her down as a woman candidate; he’s not tried to cast doubt on the ability of a woman to take on the highest office in the country. The difference between 2 candidates with similar platforms is getting clearer by the day.

  4. it is human nature, once one decides on a candidate , to become ego invested and to want to defend the candidate. One of the warst things about Clinton’s decision to use Rove tactics to divide and conquer the Democrats is tht it puts her supporters in the position of either having to criticize their chosen candidate or engage in intellectuall honestly. Too bad so many of them are choosing the latter.

  5. You really must read Taylor Marsh tonight. Apparently, in the wake of Olbermann’s treason, the only one who can be trusted at MSNBC is…

    *wait for it*

    Pat Buchanan!

  6. I’ve met Taylor; I like Taylor as a person. I hope when the nomination fight is over we can all calm down and be friends.

  7. Well, we all need friends. But I would suggest that no one with a policy of ideologically screened comments be on your blogroll, potential friend or no.

  8. I know grad students live in pretty insular worlds without much connection to reality, but one of my fellow grad students (only one) is a Hillary supporter. We have had many chats over the last few months and his contention is that us Obama people are simply naive to consider Obama’s positions viable. He thinks politics is a dirty game and therefore Hillary and her surrogates are justified in making unpleasant remarks like this. Well, that is just winning at all costs… How can anyone possibly think winning by demeaning discourse and communication is really a win at all? Anyone associated with Clinton or her supporters just make me sick. If she wins the nomination I’ll really be tempted to vote for Nader, just like 2000.

  9. I saw Gerry interviewed by Ann Curry on NBC last night. And she said that the flap over her comments was (wait for it) all Obama’s fault. She contends that the ONLY WAY her off-hand comment could have made it into the mainstream press was for the Obama camp to put it there, in order to subsequently play the race card against the Clinton camp.

    My head is spinning with that twisted logic. To Ann’s credit, she tried to get Gerry to back up the statement with fact, but Gerry talked right over her. What a piece of work.

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