Irrelevant in Iraq

As usual, Juan Cole provides a succinct explanation of what’s going on in Iraq. Here’s the most critical bit about the fighting in Basra:

The southern parties have essentially defied al-Maliki and Bush to make a separate peace.

The entire episode underlines how powerful Iran has become in Iraq.

Way to go, Bushies.

5 thoughts on “Irrelevant in Iraq

  1. Ahmed Chalabi was right when he said last year “The American tragedy in Iraq is that your friends in Iraq are allied with your enemies in the region, and your enemies in Iraq are allied with your friends in the region.” As much as I despise Chalabi, he at least knows what is happening in that country. Bush and Cheney continue to stumble in the dark.

  2. Iran and Iraq are going to have a close relationship no matter what, and better it should be peaceful than hostile. The fact that the US will be in a worsened economic position by this outcome is unfortunate but a predictable consequence of Bush’s invasion and occupation.

  3. Punxsutawny al -Sadr popped his head out of his hole, and didn’t see a strong enough Iraqi army to dislodge him…six more years of occupation.

    al-Sadr’s latest maneuver is a classic in leveraging. I wonder if Petraeus got the message…”your successful surge is in my hands”. And I’m sure the British weren’t to happy to see their lauded success in Basra turn to shit before their very eyes.

  4. I find this a ray of sunshine. The more blatantly obvious it becomes that Bush and Maliki are not in charge of the future of Iraq, the quicker we can bring our troops home. The best thing about this past week is that it’s given the press an opportunity to recognize that the happy-talk about the surge working and things getting better all the time was nonsense. There has been no reconcilliation between the parties, and we aren’t even relevant in brokering deals. In fact, I thought I read earlier that someone from the Quds force was involved in arranging the cease-fire? Had they not already all suffered psychotic breaks, I’m sure that tidbit would have pushed the neo-cons over the edge.

    Heckuva job, Bushie.

  5. Swami:

    “And I’m sure the British weren’t to happy to see their lauded success in Basra turn to shit before their very eyes.”

    The British were routed from Basra months ago. They have been holed up out at the airport outside the city, but still taking rocket fire from bored militias out for a night of fun. Basra has been in chaos for many many months, but as usual no one has been paying any attention.


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