9 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. One of the better April fools I’ve seen this year. Need to submit to slashdot, they’ll love it.

  2. As long as it is still 4-1-8

    I say fuck the birds, we as humans should end the world, as long as we adhere to the fact that we are here and nothing else exists. We will win! The birds and everyone else will lose!

  3. Well, enter my name in the “Dumbest Schlub on the ‘Net” contest, because I fell for it and forwarded the link to friends. One of them called me on it. Not one of my better days. 🙂

  4. Back in about 1992, either “Science” or “Nature” magazine had in their April issue, a story about a little mole like animal that had an incredibly high metabolism that would bore through the ice in Antarctica, come up under a penguin and devour the penguin. Well, I had spent enough time in Antarctica to know this was absolutely not true. But the fella telling the story and distributing copies of the article was a Ph.D. botanist who was full of himself. I had a ex-coworker whose wife was the editor of the Letters to the Editors column in the other magazine (Science or Nature).

    The bottom line is that is was a spoof and the giveaway was that the author’s name was April Fool in Italian.

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